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WRT54G Static IP Question - Linksys Community With Linksys routers, a fixed (static) LAN IP addresses must be assigned in the device that is using the address. So you need to enter the fixed address in the computer or printer, not in the router. When using a Linksys router, any fixed LAN IP address must be outside the DHCP server range (typically thru, and it How to access your DVR or IP-Cam remotely with DD-WRT Aug 08, 2014 PPPoE with Static IPs & DD-WRT : networking

DNSMasq assign IP Address, even same Address belong to device with static IP. uDHCPd works as it should and jumps this address. I use latest build 25648 - 12/15/2014 and TL-WA801ND v1

How to Set Up DHCP Reservations (and Never Check an IP Note: If you've heard of static IP addresses before, this is very similar.Since you manage it all from the router, though, it's a bit easier to set up. If, for some reason, you can't use DHCP

Dec 11, 2012

just a couple thoughts that may or may not point you in the right direction: you're talking about static DHCP leases, not necessarily assigning a static address per se--i.e. 'hey router, assign this address from the DCHP pool to X device everytime it connects.' it's only a slight nuance, but something like a HTPC should be configured with a static IP from within its own OS. same for any device Assigning a static IP address to home devices - DumaOS on Feb 20, 2018 Linksys WRT54G (DD-WRT) and AT&T Static IP Setup Help Jun 28, 2008 WRT1900ac and DHCP Static IP Reservations - Linksys