Dec 30, 2019 · Here, you can change the local folder where you want to store and sync your Dropbox files. To do this, click on the default folders for Dropbox Location and change it to a different folder.

Apr 06, 2020 · Type Dropbox into the Windows 10 search box.Then from the search result, you can initiate Uninstall in one of two ways: 1, right-click Dropbox and select Uninstall. Or 2, by clicking Uninstall beneath Dropbox on the right side of the search results. Deleting photos from Dropbox account is easy. When you delete a photo, then it goes in 'Trash'. If you delete a photo from computer, phones, tablets, and then they will be deleted from the Dropbox website too. You can simply delete photo using delete button on the website. You have another option to delete a photo i.e. drag-and-drop. Yep! On your computer you can delete multiple files on Dropbox. Just follow the below quick tips to remove several files at time on Dropbox. Steps to Delete Multiple Photos, Videos or Other Files on Dropbox. On your computer sign in to your Dropbox account. Open the folder “Camera Uploads” because we need to delete the auto uploaded photos Dec 28, 2012 · While you can't totally delete your dropbox history, you can do a few things to disable it from being seen. First from the homepage click on the drop down by your name in the top right Basically, yes, you have it. Once you uninstall Dropbox, the background connection to their servers is severed, so what you do with the files on your computer, should not impact the remaining files still stored in Dropbox. Nov 12, 2014 · Go to, and log in; Find the file that you wnat to delete; Right click over the file’s name; Select Delete. You will be prompted to confirm the deletion. VAMPIRE WARNING: The file is not dead yet! Click on the trash can icon at the top of the screen (it says “Show delete files” if you hover over it)

1 day ago · Kiss Dropbox goodbye with iCloud folder sharing on iPhone, iPad and Mac. iCloud folder sharing may not sound like a big deal, but it's a game changer if you have an iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Dec 12, 2016 · Note that if you are using Dropbox for offsite backups, in order to not run out of space you will need to manage those backups from your backup software (or manually delete the files from within Dropbox). At the time of this writing there seems to be no way to have Dropbox automatically purge files (either by age or quantity). Mar 15, 2017 · Other than getting solutions to remove Dropbox in Windows, there may be other things you want to know, like: How to Delete Shared Folders from Dropbox? Two ways to do that: 1. Temporarily delete the folders, while keeping the possibility that they would be added again. – Go to – Click the Share tab.

I need to delete my files from a shared folder owned by another party for everyone (the owner as well) as soon as possible. I need to do this since they might steal my work otherwise (just found out they have a history doing this). They might have downloaded it already but maybe I'm in luck. I'm looking for tips or tricks how to accomplish that.

Navigate back to the settings and scroll to the bottom of the page, then click the “delete account” button. You will have to input your password and give a reason for leaving before clicking May 20, 2011 · Open the Dropbox site in a browser window and sign in. (You can't do this from a Dropbox folder on your computer.) Navigate to the folder that held or holds the files you want to delete. Delete