The PogoPlug, reviewed earlier this year, is a simple no-fuss NAS solution. I enjoyed using the product, and so have many other folks. In just the few short months since my review, the crew at PogoPlu

The Pogoplug Series 4 is a little network attached device that makes your external drives accessible remotely. Under the hood of this device is an ARM processor running at 800 MHz, which is Pogoplug Series 4 review: Pogoplug Series 4 - CNET Jan 31, 2012 - Linux Device Hacking Jul 19, 2020 PogoPlug Setup And Review - YouTube Feb 05, 2012

Feb 05, 2012

I originally purchased a Pogoplug Pro with the intention of loading openWRT and running it as a test web server for various projects I'm working on. That was a very straight forward task, and I like the device so much so that I purchased two more of them within a few days, and a Pogoplug v. 4, which I just received earlier this week. Pogoplug Review | ZDNet Feb 22, 2010

The Pogoplug app is available for iPhone®, iPad® and Android™. Pogoplug Page 11: How To Add Files How to: Add files Choose Import to transfer a video, song, photo or file to Pogoplug Series 4. Page 12: Use The Web Interface How to: Use the Web interface Go to and log in using your secure username and password.

At 9am on September 28th Pogoplug Cloud will cease operation. While you still may be able to log in, your data will no longer be accessible. Your data will be securely and permanently destroyed immediately after Pogoplug Cloud is shut down. Pogoplug NAS Device Review - Page 4 | HotHardware Jul 14, 2009 OpenWrt Project: Techdata: Pogoplug Pogoplug V2 POGO-E02