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Which countries have the worst data retention laws? The British Virgin Islands are viewed as somewhat of an ‘offshore’ privacy haven for foreign internet companies. The British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean do not retain citizen data. Although the Islands are considered an overseas British territory, its 28,000 inhabitants are not directly governed by EU law. VPN providers PureVPN TheVPN365 | VPN comparison Mar 28, 2020 Which Countries Have the Best Cloud Privacy Laws in 2020? VPN provider CyberGhost was founded in Bucharest, Romania, in 2011 and is still dedicated to providing people with reliable privacy and security solutions. The British Virgin Islands is a Panama compared to British Virgin Islands

Apr 14, 2020

WeVPN: Top-tier VPN veterans develop a new VPN ROAD TOWN, British Virgin Islands, July 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Introducing WeVPN™: a fast and secure virtual private network (VPN) built from scratch using the experience and knowledge of

Apr 15, 2019

Surfshark VPN Like ExpressVPN, Surfshark is based in the British Virgin Islands, Mobile VPN apps are often far more basic than their desktop cousins, but Surfshark's Android offering is surprising similar Surfshark VPN review 2020 by the VPNStore Sep 25, 2019 100% GENUINE SURFSHARK VPN |2 YEARS SUBSCRIPTION | 10 This **SURFSHARK VPN 2 year Subscription (24-months/2-year)** account is a shared account. We buy premium membership from authentic sources and looking forward to share with someone to partially recover the cost. There will be certain number of peoples …