Apr 25, 2012

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Jan 09, 2020

Apr 25, 2012 Turn a Raspberry Pi into a Personal VPN for Secure In Google Chrome: Go to Settings > Show advanced settings > Change proxy settings (under Network) HideIPVPN. Unbeknownst to me until last night, but not all traffic runs through the VPN Smart DNS Proxy | Unblock Web Sites & Digital Media

How to setup HideIPVPN proxy on Chrome. This tutorial will guide you how to do this. Steps to setup proxy on Chrome browser. Proxy setup on Chrome is very easy and fast. Let’s start! 1. Open your browser and go to main menu (1), then select Settings (2)

4. In “Connection Settings” windows do next actions: Select Manual proxy configuration (6). For “HTTP Proxy” – Type the server name which you want to connect (7) For “Port” use one of these ports: 3129, 8080 or 81. Very important to check “Use this proxy server for all protocols” (9) and