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Access Samba share from Windows 2000 or Windows XP computer. The step by step accessing Samba share below is done on Windows 2000 Professional. The procedure shown below also can be use on Windows XP or other Windows family operating system. 1. Double click My Network Places icon on your Windows system desktop. Figure: smb/netwok_places.png Cannot access SAMBA share on Ubuntu 12.04 box from XP box. SAMBA is up and running on the Ubuntu box. smb.conf has the correct windows workgroup name in it, and I can see the Ubuntu box from the XP machine. On the Ubuntu box, I have set up a UNIX username CCD1 with a password for the purposes of sharing. May 09, 2006 · Samba - Windows XP Problem (//Samba is not accessible) I'm a newbie to Linux (just installed Fedora 2 a few days ago) so go easy on me. I have a laptop with Windows XP Home on it, and a PC with Fedora 2 installed on it. May 11, 2019 · If you use XP VM's there can sometimes be a problem with connecting TO a Linux / samba NAS. Connecting FROM the NAS is OK as is connecting to or from other Windows Hosts / guests. In your smb.config file add

Using metasploit its possible to hack windows xp machines just by using the ip address of the victim machine. It does not involve installing any backdoor or trojan server on the victim machine. Metasploit does this by exploiting a vulnerability in windows samba service called ms08-67. This exploit works on windows xp upto version xp sp3.

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Samba Questionhow to disconnect and reconnect to a Never mind gemarti, the effort is appreciated, there's also this other part of the question which is pending. As regards what you asked me to do sunnycoder, I did check out the smb.conf file, and the browseable option is set to "YES" for ALL the samba shares. SMB Share Windows Server 2019 and Windows XP - MSFN Sep 04, 2018