Destruct Hard Drive Data Eraser by Lovell

Jul 03, 2020 How to Destroy a Hard Drive: 9 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow Dec 17, 2019 security - How to trigger a system self destruct with a A secure hard drive, or flash drive for that matter, is an oxymoron. The only way to secure your information is to use a virtual operating system that runs in memory and evaporates when you turn the power off, with any data that needs to be saved on external media that you can hide if you desire. DataLocker DL3 Encrypted External Hard Drive |

Hard drive - external (desktop) - security lock slot (cable lock sold separately), built-in keypad, Variable Time Circuit (VTC) technology, Brute Force Self Destruct, administrator password, auto lock, Data at Rest Protection, drive reset, Wear Resistant Keypad, PIN code authentication

This SSD Will Self-Destruct When Needed | Tom's Hardware May 18, 2012 BusKill Cable Starts a Self-Destruct Routine on Stolen Laptops

Dec 22, 2008 · I'm looking for a program that would allow passwording files or folders, but also if after, say, three unsuccessful password entries, the file/folder is deleted

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