Enable firewall software AFTER setting up Internet Connection Sharing and ICS is working. On the host computer, click Start , All Programs , Accessories , Communications …

Apr 16, 2020 Free WiFi Hotspot - wirelessly share any internet connection Recognized as #1 WiFi Hotspot Software Free WiFi Hotspot Turn your laptop into Wi-Fi Hotspot and share Internet with any devices. Share 3G/4G USB adapter and all types of Internet connection. No more Overpaying for Costly Connections. No Need of Buying Other Hardware Devices. Easy to Use, setup in Seconds. Absolutely free. No trials or limitations. Use Wireless Hosted Network, Internet Connection Sharing Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) is a feature in Windows provided through the SharedAccess Service. Strictly speaking, SharedAccess enables network sharing through a computer where the shared network access does not necessarily provide access to the Internet.

In this wireless world of internet connections, there is the LAN way to connect 2 PC desktops or laptops along with the quicker WiFi ad-hoc internet connection method comes into play. However, not everybody has a wireless card installed on their PC / computers, the LAN internet connection, i.e. to create a local area network (LAN) is the origin of sharing internet and files/folders for which

The speed issue occurs when you use some Software to share the Internet connection. Reply. Munavar: Hi. I was trying to apply the setting that above mentioned. But while i was sharing the LAN it was displayed a window and the messages was ” A LAN connection is already configured that is required for automatic addressing” Plse help me. How To Share PC Internet Connection With Android? Nov 20, 2013 How to Share your PC’s Internet Connection over WiFi on

Nov 11, 2013

Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) is a feature that allows a device with Internet access to act as a host or access point for other devices to connect to the Web. Microsoft and Windows 7 makes it easy for you to get connected to the Internet and to share an Internet connection with other computers in your network. In the network connection’s Properties dialog box, click the Sharing tab. Put a check mark by the box that says Allow Other Network Users to Connect through This Computer’s Internet Connection. Click OK, and close the Control Panel window.