SSL version 2.0 contained many security flaws, which have been fixed in SSL version 3. - Server certificate support—To create the SSL/TLS tunnel and to prevent server spoofing (man-in-the-middle attacks), the VPN concentrator should install a server certificate chained to your corporate root certificate authority. SSL VPN security offers

Critical security flaws found in two of the top VPNs All in all, this is a huge security failure, especially for a VPN which is designed to improve people’s online security. How was the flaw discovered? VPNpro staff tested the top 20 VPNs by trying to install a fake update through them following a series of steps. Arris Modems and Routers Have Major Security Flaw | Tom's By Paul Wagenseil 05 September 2017 Many Arris or Motorola home-network gateways provided by AT&T may have serious security flaws that can't easily be fixed by home users. Two Flaws in ASUS Routers Call for Immediate Firmware Upgrade Jul 24, 2020 Hackers mount attacks on Webmin servers, Pulse Secure, and

Huge Security Flaw Leaks VPN Users' Real IP-Addresses

VPN vulnerability. The security flaw that Seymour discovered affects the Linux, macOS and FreeBSD versions of Aviatrix's client which all use OpenVPN command's -up and -down flags in order to Black Kingdom ransomware operators exploit Pulse VPN flaws Jun 15, 2020 Business VPN flaws exploited by hackers | TechRadar

A research team from the University of New Mexico discovered a vulnerability currently being tracked as CVE-2019-14899 which claims that VPN connections can be hijacked on Linux and Unix systems. The report mentioned the OpenVPN protocol. As part of good security principles, we are looking into this and any possible attack vectors, however we have found no flaws in the OpenVPN software.

Juniper Networks security flaw may have exposed US