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Comcast internet problems, cutting out? | Yahoo Answers Nov 13, 2009 Frequent Internet Outage - Discussion Topics - eero Community Tested the internet modems each time the eeros went down and they were working perfect. Switched out my router and same problem. Finally wiped network out and created a new one and things would work great for about 3 weeks and then problem would start all over again. Support tried everything they could possible do so far and problem still exists. Want to cut your Comcast bill in half? Cut the cord for a

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my internet connection on my computer goes and comes all the time and i dont know why. ill be on the internet and sometimes it will just cut out or sometimes wont even let me connect to the internet even though i am connected to the network. i have a apple airport extreme wireless router. could that be why? or could it be my norton anit-virus software. i havent been able to figure it out

Apr 12, 2014 Solved: Connection drops for a few - Comcast Business I tried connecting my laptop directly to the modem and I still get the same problem. I can ping anything within my local network and I have no problem. I can also ping my server's external IP addresses and have no problem either. Now, I know that before I upgraded my internet connection, we had a 50mpbs connection with a Netgear modem.