I cannot print using my Brother machine on a wireless

May 12, 2020 Wi-Fi not working on your iPhone or iPad? Here's the fix May 14, 2020 Why Your Wi-Fi Isn’t Working & How to Fix It | Desktop or Jul 23, 2019 Top 5 iPhone WIFI Not Working Problems and How To Fix Them

iPhone 8 Plus Not Connecting To WiFi? The Real Fix!

Jul 17, 2020

Sep 15, 2019

We my not have to disconnect from the Internet to make a phone call anymore, but Wi-Fi problems persist. Here are some of the common issues you will run into and how to fix them. WiFi Not Working – What To Do The internet line cable is the most important, the WiFi not working could be resolved as simply as checking and possibly replacing it, if you have a spare one lying around. Restart Your Router. In many cases, the WiFi not working, preventing the user from connecting to the internet may be a result of a connection loss between the router and ISP.