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Oct 29, 2017

Something like a horror version of Jumanji, the movie riffs on '90s nostalgia rather than '80s but carries a similar sense of adventure and good-natured charm along with a bit of graphic gore. An 16 Movies Like "Twilight" - Films for Fans of "Twilight" Mar 20, 2020 What Type of Films Do You Like? - YouTube

These are just a compilation of my favorite movies that you'll love if you enjoy period dramas! They are NOT all period dramas, but some movies that you may like if you like period dramas! (: ENJOY! And if you want to recommend any to me, please do!

Just like you have cravings for particular foods, your body is telling you that you need iron, for example. Sometimes you feel like watching a comedy because you need to laugh or you watch a drama because you need to cry. Movies allow us to experience emotions outside of ourselves and that can be massively cathartic.