Hi all Anyone Know the best method for making a permanent copy of an iPlayer programme? If you record the programme off air it is on your DVR for ever but most BBC programmes are only on the iPlayer for a month but I want to keep a programme longer than that I suppose I could go scart to scart or

BBC iPlayer Download Mobile App and Review - HelloApps To begin with, the BBC iPlayer download is an internet streaming television and radio service offered through the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). They make the service available through several devices with the BBC iPlayer App, including mobile phones and … How to Delete Tinder The problem is, unlike many mobile apps, Tinder won’t let you go just by deleting the app from your device, because it means you can’t just tap delete and delete Tinder. Your account will still be active. Profiles remain active until you permanently delete your Tinder, and here are all …

Finally, I managed to save another copy in a new folder under Downloads folder, then I searched on Google and found that it was my Bitdefender Internet Security 2018 that was deleting the .exe files. This is how to make an 'Antivirus Exclusion' to the files/folders that Bitdefender blocks and removes as a 'potentially malicious threat'.

How to convert BBC iPlayer video to iPad, iPhone, iPod, etc. 1 Add BBC iPlayer downloaded programmes After downloading, follow the wizard to install and launch Video Converter Ultimate. Add the BBC iPlayer videos you want to convert by clicking the "Add video" button on the upper left or simple drag and drop. Using BBC iPlayer to keep programmes indefintely. - DVD May 08, 2017

Should I remove BBC iPlayer Download Manager by BBC

BBC iPlayer - BBC iPlayer Downloads app Find programmes you'd like to download on the iPlayer website, and click the download link for the programme. Delete the old app first. Programmes you’ve downloaded in the old app will not How to download and convert iPlayer files - Convertiplayer.com Click the link and the programme will begin downloading in the Download Manager. Once the programme has finished downloading, it is ready to watch. To make things easier, we'll change the iPlayer settings to allow us to watch it in Media Player. Click the 'Settings' link at the top of the Download Manager. Remove bbc iplayer drm, burn bbc iplayer downloaded Apr 26, 2012 Is is possible to convert BBC iPlayer files to mp4