When you browse the Internet on your iPhone, it automatically collects information about the websites you visit. As a result, the website history on your iPhone can reveal an embarrassing amount of

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Checking History On An iPhone. Safari is the default internet browser for iOS devices. Launch Safari. Tap bookmark icon located on the bottom bar. Tap the “History” button. View browsing history. However, They Could Delete Their History And Data By: Select “Clear” on bottom right. Delete data from one hour ago, all day, yesterday, or

The History feature of your iPhone keeps track of Web pages you have visited recently. To return to a recent Web page, especially if you didn’t bookmark it, tap the Bookmarks icon, tap History, and then tap the day you think you hung out at the site. When you find it, tap the listing. You are about to make your triumphant return.

Three Ways to View iPhone Safari History on Computer

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