Oct 14, 2013

OLD-COMPUTERS.COM : The Museum Welcome to old-computers.com, the most popular website for old computers. Have a trip down memory lane re-discovering your old computer, console or software you used to have. There are actually 1248 systems in the museum. SHOW ME A RANDOM SYSTEM ! List of home computers - Wikipedia Obsolete technology website — Information about many old computers. old-computers.com — Web Site dedicated to old computers. oldcomputer.info — Web site with information about many old computers. History of Computers — online magazine featuring pictures and information about many computers … The right way to destroy an old hard drive - CNET Mar 30, 2009 3 Ways to Destroy an Old Computer - wikiHow

Sentimentality is one. As years go on, machines are becoming rare and, therefore, valuable. One reason people search out old and antique computers for sale is for refurbishing or retrofitting. Called retrocomputing, the trend is like a hobby. Old computer hardware and software are used to rebuild new computers, sort of like restoring old cars.

What to do with old computers | Norton Many people simply dump their old computers with little thought to security, but it’s important to protect yourself with some simple steps. Without a proper hard-drive wipe, your old computer — whether Windows or Apple — may hold a wealth of your personal information. Not to mention access to your internet search history, Wi-Fi, logins

Make sure employees who work from home follow the same procedures for disposing of sensitive documents and old computers and portable storage devices. If you use consumer credit reports for a business purpose, you may be subject to the FTC’s Disposal Rule. For more information, see Disposing of Consumer

How to Tansfer Files From PC to PC (Old Computer to New Manually copy files to an External source like USB hard drive, DVD, CD and then copy that information over to your new computer. I only recommend the method for people who have very few things they want to transfer over. Network Transfer: You can network the old and new computer together and copy over the data you want. How to Dispose of Old Computers and Other Company Hardware