Strategies for Keeping Seniors Safe on the Internet. By Kari Jenkins. Each year, senior citizens lose an estimated $30 billion due to scams on the internet (as reported by Online Crimes Against Seniors).

Oct 11, 2018 Keep Your Kids Safe Online With These Tips | WIRED It’s like keeping kids safe after homecoming. Some might just need a curfew, others a breathalyzer. Think of sending your kids out into the internet, then, in the same way you think about Strategies for Keeping Seniors Safe on the Internet

Jun 21, 2019

Apr 29, 2020 · Keeping Kids Safe Online Children are growing up in a digital world where the internet is ubiquitous, and online activities can threaten privacy, home security, and health. May 18, 2011 · Children present unique security risks when they use a computer—not only do you have to keep them safe, you have to protect the data on your computer. By taking some simple steps, you can dramatically reduce the threats.

Keep your kids safe online: Internet safety at school and

There are lots of fun and interesting things you can do on the internet. And it can be a great way to stay in touch with friends. But it’s important to understand how to stay safe online. Sometimes people will try to trick you into clicking dangerous links or sharing things about yourself.