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Implementing IPv6 In A Home Network - Tips & Pitfalls The link-local IPv6 prefix (FE80::/64) is nearly always present, and is sometimes utilized when speaking to a host on the same physical "wire" (actually, on the same switch, but I'll call it a "wire" for simplicity's sake). For local IP addressing, there is a construct called a Unique Local Address (ULA) that is a section of private IPv6 RFC 4291 - IP Version 6 Addressing Architecture RFC 4291 IPv6 Addressing Architecture February 2006 Currently, IPv6 continues the IPv4 model in that a subnet prefix is associated with one link. Multiple subnet prefixes may be assigned to the same link. 2.2.Text Representation of Addresses There are three conventional forms for representing IPv6 addresses as text strings: 1. The preferred form is x:x:x:x:x:x:x:x, where the 'x's are one to IPv6 Explained for Beginners - Steve

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By default, IPv6 configures link-local IP addresses for each interface corresponding to installed Ethernet network adapters. Link-local addresses have the prefix fe80::/64. The last 64 bits of the IPv6 address is known as the interface identifier and is derived from the 48-bit MAC address of the network adapter. how can I change my own link local ipv6 adress on Windows 10? Jul 01, 2018 In the Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6), the address block fe80:: / 10 has been reserved for link-local unicast addressing. Of the 64 bits of a link-local addresses' network component, the most significant 10 bits (1111111010) correspond to the IANA-reserved "global routing prefix" for link-local addresses, while the "subnet ID" (the remaining 54 bits) is zero.

Instead of completely disabling IPv6, since Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and their corresponding Server OS'es prefer IPv6, instead, if you are really itching to disable IPv6, set the policy/registry, to Prefer IPv4 over IPv6. Thanks, Yong Rhee. In order to truly disable IPv6, you must disable it in the registry in the following KB929852 article:

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