How to improve your PS3 connection to the internet and

Can’t connect to Internet on PlayStation 3 Test your network Test your home network by connecting to the internet on another device. If you still can't connect on this device, Unplug all network devices including the PS3 system. Wait a few minutes before turning them back on – this will refresh Check your router manual — to connect How to improve your PS3 connection to the internet and Aug 24, 2011 Fixing Your PS3 Network Connection [Solved] - CCM Feb 17, 2019

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Why can't I connect to PSN? - PlayStation 3 Q&A for If it still doesn't appear to be working, try moving your PS3 closer to your Network Hub (assuming you're on a wireless connection). If still nothing, try a wired connection (again assuming you aren't already). If that doesn't work, sorry I can't think of anything else. Check other internet connections in your home and see if its an internet

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