Gmail lets you send confidential emails that self-destruct after a specified period of time. This feature is particularly useful for emails containing sensitive information. To send a confidential mail tap on Confidential Mode icon next to the Photo icon while composing a message, set an expiry time limit and an SMS passcode and you are good to

Wickr 2.0 makes self-destructing SMS more fun - CNET Wickr 2.0 makes self-destructing SMS more fun. Like a Snapchat-for-adults, Wickr 2.0 throws some fun usability features and a new interface over its unusually high encryption and deletion standards. SecretInk Lets You Send Self-Destructing Messages Over Nov 14, 2013 How do self-destructive messages work? : crypto Self-destruct is a bit sent later requesting the client to destroy the message. Evil clients will ignore the self-destruct bit. In fact, that increases attention to it because that additional bit indicates interest.

How To Send Secret, Self-Destructing Messages In Facebook

Meet Kaboom: An app that makes your messages self destruct Jul 30, 2015 Shapiro: America is hitting the self-destruct button

Send safe private messages that self-destruct after seen once. Use with WhatsApp, SMS, Message, Email, Skype, Messenger and others. Message recipient doesn't need to install anything to see your message. This app is a new tool to send private messages of text and pictures thru your favorite messenger.

Apr 04, 2018