GAA Techblog - Adding Static Routes to Ubuntu 10.04 Example: ip route add via dev eth0. A route added as shown above is good only until the next restart. To make a permanent route that persists even through restarts, create a new file in /etc/network/if-up.d/, set it as executable, and add the ip route line to it. The contents of the file should be: How to Configure Static IP Address on Ubuntu 18.04 | Linuxize Mar 09, 2020 ubuntu - Prevent netplan from creating default routes to 0

Mar 09, 2020

How to Set Up Gateway Using iptables and route on Linux

This post documents how to build a Linux gateway using Ubuntu Server 18.04. The gateway connects an internal network to an external network - basically, performing Network Address Translation (NAT) for hosts on the internal network. It is exceptionally similar to what your ISP supplied home router does. To achieve this, an Ubuntu Linux server is configured as a DHCP server and also to provide

Oct 25, 2012 Howto add permanent static routes in Ubuntu | Ubuntu Geek Jun 18, 2008 Adding persistent static routes on Ubuntu 18.04 and higher Add the following lines to the bottom of the config section for the network interface you want the route to be assigned to. routes: - to: via: The file should now look something like this: Ubuntu Manpage: route - show / manipulate the IP routing table