But contrary to popular belief, most of what CIA itself does is desk work (there are 16 intelligence agencies), so you don't have to have any of the skills you see in movies. A computer degree and experience in IT might get you in just as easily as being a special forces experience.

Careers at CIA - YouTube May 16, 2017 How did you get your first interview - Job Search | Indeed CIA sent me an invite and then an assessments test (quantitative(math), logical reasoning and English; I passed the tests with very high grades (it's mostly online until the physical interview); then they sent me a plane ticket, hotel and travel money reimbursement forms (when you are reimbursed at the conclusion of the interview); then you show up for the interview or you don't

Feb 02, 2013

10 Ways To Get A Job As A CIA Spy - Listverse Know Your Options. As you can see, there is a wide range of intelligence work out there for people … How to Get a Job at the CIA - ClearanceJobs

CPA, CMA, CIA or ACCA – which accounting qualification

How to Become a CIA Agent: CIA Job and Training Requirements. Although CIA agents are often skilled professionals with honed talents, most CIA agents begin their careers as entry-level core collectors. Those interested in learning how to become a CIA agent by entering the agency as a core collector, may follow one of two paths: Getting A Job At The CIA - Business Insider But speaking with Forbes, CIA head of recruitment Ron Patrick explained what it takes to get a job at one of the most secretive wings of the US government. And much of it looks like a pretty CIA Requirements for Special Agents and More The CIA special agents of the NCS come from varied backgrounds and have any number of life, experience, and educational backgrounds and language capacities. However, all of these professionals must meet the agency’s requirements to be eligible for CIA jobs. Minimum requirements for CIA agent jobs with the NCS include: Must be 18 years old