Vyatta / VyOS: site-to-site OpenVPN + Open Shortest Path

Vyatta VPN users: VyOS is the continuation of the open source Vyatta project, which is no longer available. VyOS is a drop-in replacement for Vyatta and functions in exactly the same manner. If you currently have Virtual Servers built with Vyatta Network OS, no changes will need to be made to your existing setup. Overview VYATTA - The Easy Tutorial - Tutorial The configure mode where you can change the router configuration. You MUST use the "commit" command to apply your configuration changes otherwise they will have no effect on the Vyatta Router. This is important to stress the difference with commercial routers such as Cisco where any change takes effect immediately. Vyatta - vWiki Download the LiveOS ISO. Create Red Hat RHEL5 (32 bit) VM with. 2GB hard drive. 2x E1000 NIC. 128MB RAM. Connect ISO and allow to boot fully. Login as root / vyatta. To install to local disk, run the install script with the following command. install-system.

The non-standard port is needed if you already have a openvpn server setup on the standard port of 1194. If you only need one openvpn you should use the default openvpn port of 1194 and forgo the non-standard ports. OpenVPN on Ubiquiti EdgeRouter | Dev Notes says: if on vyatta, uncomment the line in sources.list when done”

vyatta@R2# set cluster group cluster1 service vyatta@R2# set cluster group cluster1 service List the ipsec process as a service to fail over in the event of failure. vyatta@R2# set cluster group cluster1 service ipsec: Commit the configuration. vyatta@R2# commit: View the configuration. vyatta@R2# show After Brocade Communications stopped development of the Vyatta Core Edition of the Vyatta Routing software, a small group of enthusiasts in 2013 took the last Community Edition, and worked on building an Open Source fork to live on in place of the end of life VC. Releases. VyOS version 1.0.0 (Hydrogen) was released on December 22, 2013. On the USG3/4 Pro the commandline setup above does not survive reboot/re-provisioning. The settings need to be added to a config.gateway.json file and placed on the controller. Depending on your particular setup, this file can be located in several locations. The Vyatta 5600 requires hugepages to be setup in the host OS, which in turn requires another Linux grub configura-tion addition to provision a portion of the system memory for hugepages. The memory assigned to the two Vyatta 5600 instances must not exceed the total hugepages quota provisioned in the host OS.

Vyatta is an open source routing software which is developed by the Vyatta company created in 2005. Vyatta uses a routing engine called XORP (for eXtensible Open Router Platform) created in 2002 and funded at the beginning by Intel and the National Science Foundation, then by Microsoft and Vyatta.

May 14, 2014 Vyatta VC4 - Advanced VPN Site-to-Site Connections - Part 13.04.2008 Updated 23.04.2008 Vyatta VC4 - Advanced VPN Site-to-Site Connections - Part 8 - Configure IPIP/IPsec in Case of Scenario 1 Using IPsec ESP in Tunnel Mode and as IPIP Tunnel Endpoints Private IP Addresses from the Loopback Interfaces Backup Device Config for Vyatta - THWACK